Monday, July 03, 2006

I have owned four different grass trimmers this summer. I mean the Weed Eater type. Despite that I have still not trimmed around the trees and the house once. When I looked at my yard, it seemed to be a big sign, read by me and everyone that passed by, saying MARY IS A LOSER.

I started out with my weed eater from last year. However I could not find a critical part. I kept searching, believing that it would eventually show up. It never did.

One day I was in WalMart and I saw, attractively displayed, a Weed Eater that said World's Lightest Gas Powered Trimmer. As they intended, I stopped, read the box, and bought. I always have a hard time with that long electrical cord. Since I need such a long one, it is the heavy weight kind which makes it even more unwieldy. The gas powered with no cord seemed to be my answer.

I got it home, got it assembled, even put in the gas and oil mixture, but...I was unable to start it. It has one of those cord pull things. I called John and he came over. He started it easily. Tears came to my eyes at my own weakness and incompetence. He assured me that I could do it and I did. But it was night so I didn't use it. The next day and many days afterward I was unable to start it.

Again I was in WalMart and I see a cordless electric Weed Eater. That seemed my new answer. I bought it and charged it overnight. I cut some in the front yard and it worked. Great. Then after only about 10 minutes, it quit. I charged it overnight again and the same thing happened the next day. It would not keep a charge.

I took it back to WalMart.

I was no closer to getting my yard trimmed.

Then again at WalMart I considered my options. The cordless had automatic feed. I didn't have to bump the end to get new cord to come out. I had been surprised at how much difference that made in the ease of cutting.

The premium grade Weed Eater electric had that, too. But next to it was a Big Mama. A Black and Decker with a wide area cutting radius and self feed. I couldn't make another mistake so I bought the B & D.

At home I hooked it up and started to work around the house. The cord is still a problem but the trimmer works like a dream. I cut all the way around the house easily in probably less than half the time it usually takes me. I really like this machine.

Is this a clue that sheds light on other purchases? Is the most expensive really the best buy?

My stand mixer has given up the ghost. It is the only stand mixer I have ever had. Should I go with the most expensive mixer as a replacement. I am thinking about it.

I tried to reply, but the program decided that I needed to tell them a lot of things.
Your story about the trimmers reminds me of George buying cheap tools. When they would break, he would comment that since they didn't cost much, he didn't lose much. I always preferred to by Craftsmen (or other higher quality)tools so that they didn't break very often.
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