Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friday night we put on a fireworks display.

Ken waited until after the fourth to buy the fireworks so he got quite a lot for his $8.

We lined up our folding chairs on the driveway near the road and Ken shot the fireworks off in the street. Yes, it is legal to shoot fireworks inside the city limits of Nolensville.

The neighbors across the street sat on their steps and watched, too.

He had a good assortment of roman candles, bottle rockets, and more sophisticated fireworks. The kids loved the little crackle things. The little balls that you merely throw on the concrete and it pops. We all had a little audience participation in that.

I think one of the charms of fireworks is that it doesn't always work. The fuse goes out or the thing just fizzles or maybe absolutely nothing happens. So I sit there in anticipation, wondering what will happen next. It may be something spectacular or it may be total failure.

Back inside I read to the children as usual from their favorite Where the Sidewalk Ends. Emma always requests the one called The Thumbsucker's Thumb. She quit sucking her thumb a long time ago but remembers how good it was.

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