Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jay wore his ultraConservative t-shirts to a couple of the games at Clemson. One said "Communism killed 100,000,000 people and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" and "Communism Kills" The latter had one of those pictures of Che Guevara on it but with one of those circles with slash over it.

Once we were walking into the stadium and a woman beside us ran into someone else. She said Excuse me. I was reading his t-shirt.

Monday morning I got up early despite the late night before.

Richard Henderson in Florence, SC, had to fly to Miami to look at a boat that burned. He was leaving at 1:30. But beforehand he was having lunch with his mother-in-law, wife, and daughter. I wanted to get there in time to crash the family party.

Laura was there because she had been to a Jimmy Buffet concert in Charlotte and was stopping by on the way home to Jacksonville. She has been to about 12 such concerts, including one in Las Vegas. She is a real Parrothead. (I think that is what they call themselves and is not a bad thing. .....I hope.)

Mrs. Smith, Carol's mother, is doing okay. She is always gracious and looks good. I hope I am like that when I get to be her age.

After lunch, the women went back to the Hendersons' house. Then Laura took her grandmother home.

For supper we had a great shrimp and avocado salad.

Afterwards we rented The Producers. I think I would have enjoyed it but I could not keep my eyes open and had to go to bed. I emailed Carol later apologizing for that since I had picked out the movie. Carol said she went to sleep watching it and missed Springtime for Hitler.

Tuesday I drove all the way home to Henderson.

I love Jay's shirts. I'm proud of him for wearing them. I know some that are "closet conservatives". They wouldn't put Bush stickers on their cars during election and such. On the other hand, a lot of people I know are liberal. I'm still baffled by this. I try to understand but it's additionally hindered by the fact that they can't even tell me why they are. The only explanation I can come up with is that they just aren't hungry enough.
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