Thursday, June 08, 2006

Clemson trip

On Memorial Day, I went to the Seaton reunion at New Friendship. I carried fruit salad and scalloped potatoes. Aunt Maureen and Mother sat together. Aunt Mareen ate Mother's piece of cake.

After I took Mother home, I came back to my house, abandoned the left-over potatoes but packed the fruit salad in ice and left to go to Nashville.

The kids were out of school but the teachers had two more days to work so I was to care for the children. I was thrown into the briar patch.

On Tuesday our main activity was going to the community pool. This was their first visit for the year so they were excited. One time George came over to me and told me he was having the best time. So I couldn't take them home, could I?

So Emma and George blistered. Not much, a little. I had put suntan lotion on them but not enough or something. Three hours in the sun was too much.

I have no idea why Adam did not blister. His skin tone is the same as George's. Emma is pink. When they were babies and lined up for a picture, Emma looked positively red between the two yellow toned boys.

Several weeks ago I found a bird egg on the ground. The color was that beautiful robin's egg blue. I put it on the railing to save for the children and forgot about it. When I went back to get it, the sun had bleached the egg to almost white.

I decided we would study sun fading. I took some the egg and some fabric swatched up to Nashville. We nailed the swatches to the back fence facing the sun. The control fabrics went into the kitchen drawer. Now in a couple of weeks they can compare the colors.

Because of the blistering, Anne would not let them go to the pool on Wednesday. They were very unhappy. They wanted some of those weighted things that you throw into the pool and then swim to the bottom to retreive. We did not find them at either the Family Dollar or Piggly Wiggly in Nolensville so we went up to the big, new Publix store a bit toward Nashville.

We did not find them there but the three kids squabbled so that we left quickly. When we got home and I got out of the car, I could not find my purse. I knew I had left it in the grocery cart when I irratatedly pushed it away as we left.

I told the kids to be quiet in the back seat and to my astonishment they were as we went back to the store.

As soon as I walked in, a clerk said You left your purse! I went to the office where a woman had my cell phone trying to call stored numbers. I was lucky but for some reason driving back I was confident that I would get the purse back.

Of course, this is Julia's nightmare, literally. And to some extent, all women as we carry our lives in our purses.

Wednesday night I felt sick to my stomach and had a little fever. I did not go to the kids' ballgames.

Thursday morning I felt fine but Anne felt sick. I kept the kids out of her hair for a while.

I had some apples that I didn't think would last if I left them at home so I took them with me to Nashville. I decided to teach the kids how to make the fried apple pies that we used to make from dried apples when I was a child.

I had always used a saucer to trace around but Anne had no saucers (they use mugs) so we used the top of a pitcher. The kids traced around the top onto the pie crust dough. Then I put stewed apples on the round dough and they folded the dough over to make a semi-circle pie. They crimped the edges using a fork and made patterns and their initials on the top of the pie.

We could not cook the pies because we had no electricity! The power went out about 6 and three hours later still no power.

I bid good-bye to my sweethearts and left for Clemson.

Things went well until I got to north Georgia. Mapquest said to go through Atlanta. I did not want to go along the north perimeter interstate. Instead I tried to find a shortcut over to I-85 from I-75. I did not find it. Instead I spent hours wandering around north Georgia. One time I found myself on the Elliott Family Parkway going into Dawsonville.

When I finally got to 85, I was tired and checked into a Comfort Inn for the night. Surprisingly other MSU fans were there on the way to Clemson. I had stopped at a WalMart earlier to buy a map but I also bought some pimento cheese and with bread from home that was my supper.

I like pimento cheese sandwiches. It is the favorite sandwich of my niece Sonja but her brother Jay detests it.

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