Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I was outside mowing the yard but I had to come inside because a cloud came up.

"A cloud came up." I love that phrase from my childhood. I had not thought about it in a long time until Juanita used it in her column in the Independent. She writes about her childhood in the backwoods of Friendship Community. Now you may think that Friendship is the backwoods, but Juanita lived further in the backwoods.

My hand is up to my face and I can smell my Mother's Day gift from Beth, body mist spray in Pink Grapefruit, and it really smells like grapefruit. Why do I want to smell that way? Because scientific tests show that people who smell like grapefruit as perceived by other people as being younger than their ages.

I had been looking for grapefruit fragrance but hadn't found any. Beth found it at CVS. She sent it to me in a package with the address label:Best Mother in the World Mary Lightsey.

After dropping off Julia's granddaughter at the Nashville Airport, we went to Nolensville to the ballpark and saw George, Adam, and Emma play ball.

Emma says her parents don't have to worry about paying for her college education. She says she is getting a softball scholarship to play at Mississippi State.

The kids gave me lovely hanging plant baskets for Mother's Day.

Adrienne was visiting Julia for most of the week. She was between finishing the year at Vanderbilt and going back home to California. She will be a senior next year, majoring in French and biology.

If is a real treat for Julia and I to have Adrienne here. She listens to our stories. And she was actually interested in my telling about the Amazonian tribe with no words for tomorrow or yesterday or numbers.

Then she had to go home to her parents. My friend Richard Henderson refers to his son and daughter-in-law, parents of his granddaughter Katie, as "those other people." As in, Katie and those other people are coming. He says that in jest..........I think. So, likewise, Adrienne had to go home to those other people.

Besides the love of her parents, she also has a 7 year old sister Calista and she loves being with her. Adam once described Calista as "she's little and has hair."

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