Saturday, May 06, 2006

I helped Anne as she spent a lot of time working with them on their spelling words. All three had different words. Even though George and Adam are in the same class their words were not the same. George had words like than, through, whimper. Adam's words were all long and hard, such as unbelievable.

Then the boys dressed in their uniforms; this year they are Atlanta Braves. We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Nolensville. Adam got a hamburger but the other two got enchiladas. Emma does not like the rice but loves the refried beans so George gave her his beans.

We met Ken at the park there in Nolensville. Evidently since his promotion he has been putting in long hours. Later he asked if they were going to be doing anything Friday night. Anne told him they were going to his cousin's. He scowled and I asked Anne later if he did not like his cousins. She said he did, he just had wanted to work late.

The boys both went two for three. They both went against Ken's advice as to what bat to use and they paid for it. Ken was in the dugout making sure the right guy went up to bat.

Anne says Adam usually hits the ball hard but with the bat Thursday night he didn't. George was amazing in his first two at bats. He connected with the ball on every swing. He has a great sense of where the ball and bat are. He doesn't hit it very hard but if he can reach it he will hit it. The last at bat then he struck out. I was very surprised because he seemed like a different
hitter. Then we learned that he had used Adam's bat his last time at the plate.

Adam is always serious about his game. I am happy to report that this year George pays attention to the game while he is in the field. I did not see him with his back to the plate one time.

Emma had been playing off somewhere and when she came up she was filthy. Dirty from her head to her toes. The kids had been rolling down a hill.

On the way home Anne told her she would have to take a shower tonight. She was too dirty to wait till morning. Emma said she wanted to take a bath. Anne said the water would be too dirty; she had to shower. Emma said it takes x gallons of water to take a bath and y gallons per minute to take a shower. If I take a shower for 5 minutes, it will be 5y gallons. (She gave the number figures; I just don't remember what they were. Their memories are much better than mine.) Anne said she would just have to take a shorter shower and she did.

Ken and I talked after putting the kids to bed. Ken believes you have to be baptized to be saved. Anne and I don't think so but we don't think it hurts.

Friday morning Anne and Ken went to work and I stayed with the kids until time to take them to school. Emma had to try three times before Anne approved of her clothes. Not matching was the problem. The boys' clothes are more neutral and interchangeable.

I drove them to school and was sorry to see them go inside. They are great kids.

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