Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tonight James and I went to Memphis to see Mississippi State play Memphis in baseball at Autozone Park.

James had never been to the park, which is where the Memphis Redbirds, a minor league team affiliated with St. Louis Cardinals, play. I had previously been there with Jay to see the same two university teams play.

I love Autozone; it is the nicest park I have ever been in. I love that the centerfield backdrop is a group of pine trees.

And I most of all love to walk into a ball park and see my beloved State team on the field in their maroon uniforms. For many of this team it was my first chance to match their name to a figure. I compare them to previous players. Brad Jones, the first baseman, looks like Tommy Raffo, the first baseman from the 1990 team. Brian LaNinfa, the designated hitter, has the chunky physique of several DHs of previous years.

State scored an unearned run on no hits during the second inning and did not get a hit until the 6th. Then Memphis's pitcher just seemed to run out of gas.

Brian LaNinfa, the designated hitter, hit a home run to tie the gameat 2 each and then State went ahead in the seventh, 4-2. Brian LaNinfa hit another home run in the top of the ninth and the final score was State 5-3.

It was a good evening. I always enjoy going places with James. I like the conversations during the travel as we straighten out the world and other people's lives.

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