Thursday, March 09, 2006

The next morning, Sunday, Jay, Julia, and I met Pat and Danny at Denny's for breakfast. We enjoyed that.

Then we left town, Jay back to Virginia Beach and Julia and I to we didn't know where because we were not expected at Doris Carroll's until Monday.

We had used Mapquest to get through Raleigh but we didn't have the directions to go the other way so we missed our turnoff and wound up driving the long south loop.

We had gotten through Raleigh and Winston-Salem and almost to Greensboro when Julia suddenly said "Oh, no. Oh, no."

I was driving. She said she just remembered that she had left some things in the drawer of the motel in Greenville. I pulled over into a shopping center while she called the mtoel. They confirmed that she had left some things but were not very cooperative. She tried to call Pat and Danny but could not get them.

I knew that Julia would worry herself to death over this, so we headed back to Greenville, picked up the items, and checked into another hotel.

She had left a long sleeve T-shirt, two Memphis caps of Jay's, two shorts of Jay's, and a Clinique bonus bag.

The next morning Monday we left again and had even worse luck getting through Raleigh. We drove and drove and finally I told Julia I was sure that we had passed the North Carolina State baseball advertisement before. We had. We had somehow been driving in a circle. But like most people, we eventually got on the other side of Raleigh.

After we got to Greensboro, the road we had to get on to go to Roanoke was being worked on and had a detour. We don't know what happened here but we wound up in the wrong Virginia border town. We were in Danville but we should have been in Martinsville (or maybe it was vice versa.)

But eventually we got to Doris's house. I had no trouble finding it once we got to the area.

Doris's daughter Teresa and her two sons William and Andrew came over for supper. William is now 17 and Andrew 13. It was a nice evening. Doris is a great cook.

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