Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Julia and I left on Thursday two weeks ago on our long anticipated trip. Nothing unusual happened the first day. There was a lot of sitting still on the interstate at Knoxville, but that is usual.

We stopped for the night at the Best Western in Newport, TN, just on the North Carolina border. This is the third time I have stayed ther, once before I was by myself and once with Julia. Sometimes what people know about me is disconcerting. I just gave my name and the clerk knew everything and gave me the discount I had gotten the last time.

This was the last time I charged the room to my name. Julia can get a military discount and we usually let her charge them and then settle up later. Previously we had alternated paying for the rooms. That is what we do with gas, just alternate who is paying. It doesn't work out perfectly on each trip probably but probably will over our lifetime. Besides one thing George Rodney believed in was Don't nickel and dime your relatives.

We like that motel because it has the best TV lineup on any place we have ever stayed. We particularly enjoy watching All My Children on the Soapnet Channel. It shows that day's episode. I think we only got to watch it one other time on the trip.

On Friday we drove on into Greenville, SC, and checked into the motel. Jay joined us a short time later.

We ate at a mall food court. The next day Jay and Julia went back shopping there.

We dressed to the nines for the 50th wedding annniversary of our cousin, Pat Davis Brew, and her husband Danny Brew. It was a surprise to them and organized beautifully by their four daughters.

Julia wore her usual black outfit with my lovely Joan Rivers cherry pin. I wore my new outfit that I bought for 60% off at Penney's in Nashville. It was beige with silver threads. I had bought just killer shoes. It made me feel good and confident and good looking just wearing them.

The party was held at the Mormon church. I had gotten the directions from Mapquest and we had no problem finding them.

The activity hall was decorated with gold balloons, a large wedding-type cake withstrip pictures of Pat and Danny between the layers, At the tables were crossword puzzles with the questions and answers about the Brew's life and gold pencils that said Pat and Danny's 50th.

Their oldest granddaughter Rachael and her husband brought them blindfolded to the hall. They were still surprised because their wedding anniversary isn't actually until this summer. The date was chosen because it is Pat's 70th birthday and because one of their daughters is moving to Utah.

They were especially surprised to see Julia, Jay, and I there.

For entertainment the daughters sang the old song Sincerely. I think it was originally done by the Andrews Sisters. The Brew sisters did just as good a job. We were very impressed.

Danny used to have a barbershop quartet with three of his sons-in-law. We had heard them and enjoyed that, but we had never heard the girls sing.

Then they showed pictures with music of Pat and Danny's lives before they met (including one of little girl Pat with little girls Julia and June beside her, and then pictures of their lives together. It was very well done and must have taken a long time to do.

We enjoyed the food and the fellowship and were glad we could share this special occasion with the Brews.

Afterwards we dropped Julia off at the hotel and went to Eastern Carolina University where they were having the Keith LeClair Classic baseball tournament. Keithe LeC lair is the former coach of ECU but he is now confined to a wheelchair with MS and can't even talk. It is an annual tournament and raises money for MS>

West Virginia and Virginia Tech were playing. We were pulling for VT but WV was much too much for them. At first we sat down toward the front but then Jay said we might get a foul ball if we moved back into the sparsely occupied upper part. We did and got not one but two foul balls.

Then we went over to the arena and went to the ECU-Tulane basketball game. Surprisingly Tulane won.

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