Friday, March 24, 2006

Julia and I got to Appomattox Courthouse later in the day than we had hoped. We did not have time but to do the minimum. Now we need to go back.

We walked to the recreation of the Courthouse, which is the headquarters of the Park Service. I went to the desk and asked how to find out if my great-grandfather had been there.

She handed me a book named The Appomattox Paroles which lists the Confederate soldiers that were given paroles that allowed them to pass through Union lines. When I opened the book, it opened on page 220 and my eyes went half-way down and there it was:Webb,Robert A.: Hurt's Co. Arty., Ala. Vol., McIntosh's Batt. Arty.

The ranger took us over to the McLean House where the actual surrender happened. Some people cry there, I understand, I was surprised that Julia didn't. After we left there, we walked over to the house where the printed the paroles. I took a picture of the wallpaper or stencil so I can use the design on a quilt.

Then to the bookshop where I bought the book The Appomattox Paroles. Also I bought Richmond Burning, about the fall of Richmond. Very interesting.

We did not have time to see the exhibits at the headquarters. We wanted to see where the Confederates camped so we drove down into that valley.

I really need to see this place again. There is so much to think about there.

We then left with me driving. It got dark without our finding a hotel. We drove all the way to Petersburg. When I got to the interstate, I turned south on it hunting a motel. It was the wrong way to go and after 10 miles, I had to turn around.

Then I drove all through Petersburg and finally found a nice hotel in a town between Petersburg and Richmond. It was 8:30. We ate the last of Doris's goody bag for supper and I started my reading on the fall of Richmond in preparation for seeing that city.

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