Monday, February 13, 2006

I came home from Nashville sick.

Saturday night at the b oys' basketball game, I was so tired. When we got home, I read to the children and went to bed when they did.

Then Sunday morning on the way home, I coughed and my throat hurt. Oh, no. I knew what was going on.

I feel just awful. The muscle aches were very bad yesterday but I have been spared the fever and chills. I am grateful for that.

I called my health advisor Beth and have been following her directions and feel a little better now.

I drove up to Nashville on Friday. Snow advisories were out but I got up there before the snow hit. Friday night it seemed to snow all around the Nashville area but not much in Nashville and the immediate area. The snow in Nolensville was disappointing.

We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games on Ken's new big screen plasma TV in high definition television.

I have never wanted another TV. The one I have is very old but perfectly adequate.

Then I saw those snow covered mountains of Italy in high definition. It was awesome. I think it was Ken who said it was like looking out the window. So real, just fabulous.

So now I want one but I will not be getting one. Watching the Olympics at home last night I was imagining how much greater it would be watching it at Anne's.

Anne and I went shopping Saturday morning. I wanted to buy new shoes for the party I am going to in North Carolina.

Anne vetoed the shoes I had picked out. She said the toes were too pointed and the hell was too high. I said I was trying to break out and be bold. And that she should, too. She said she was just a school marm.

I decided to buy her some shoes and we argued about what I would buy her. We did compromise on two pair of shoes. They are mule types with high heels. She bought another pair of safe shoes. I told her I was not paying for those.

She wore the shoes I bought to church Sunday and, being the honest person she is, allowed that they were comfortable and made her feel good about herself.

I did find a good pair. They go with my dress perfectly and the heels are very high. Ken says he sees foot problems ahead for me but I was raised by a mother who told me that Beauty knows no Pain.

The JC Penney store at Hickory Hollow Mall is going out of business and I bought two outfits there at 60% off. One is a three piece skirted suit that I will wear to the NC party. It is a neutral brocade with silver threads. The other is a pants suit.

Saturday afternoon we went to Emma's basketball game over in Franklin. Her team lost a very close game. Ken is her coach and thought the home team got the calls.

I learned that Emma is a very good player, the best on her team. She is quick, a good ball handler, and likes to shoot.

I also noticed that when the game was over, her cheeks were a bright, bright cherry red. She gets that from her Grandpoppy George and from her mother. Beth also has this tendency. Anne remembers being in exercise classes in college, seeing the instructor looking at her and saying things like It is okay to quit if you are feeling tired or strained. Blood going to their faces during exercise is just normal for them.

Saturday night the boys played. They are a different matter. They are the worst on their team. However, they are always in the position they are supposed to be in, set screens correctly, and always guard their man. They enjoy playing despite their incompetence.

Their other grandmother Margie Rucker and their aunt Gina Rucker also attended both games.

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