Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wednesday I ran some errands, post office, dry cleaners, bank, and then went to see Mother. I got there about 9:30.

She wasn't, as she usually is, sitting up front near the nurses' desk where she can see everything.

I went back to her room and she was in bed. She has been in bed before when I have gone to visit but she has always been in her daytime clothes. This time she was in her gown; she had not been up that morning.

Her clothes for the day were neatly put out and her breakfast was still there. A good breakfast: biscuit, sausage, oatmeal, coffee, milk, and grape juice. None of it touched.

I woke Mother up. She did not want to get up, did not want to get dressed, and emphatically did not want to eat breakfast.

I did not press her and I left after a short time.

I think she is okay. This laying in bed late has happened before. The nurses say that she sometimes goes up and sits by the nurses' station late at night, around 12.

It got me to thinking how strange this seems to see Mother there in bed so late. She was always such an early riser, up and working.

I remember when Anne was born and she came down to help me for a few days. The Parchmans brought her down. Then Daddy, John, Janice, and James came to pick her up.

When they got there Mother, with the biggest smile on her face as if she had really done something, first thing ran up to Janice and said "Guess what I did!" Janice had no idea so Mother told her. "I stayed in bed until 8 o'clock."

I suppose she had never before in her life done that.

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