Monday, January 02, 2006

Beth, Steve, and I got on the road by 9 on Christmas morning. Apparently no one else was going anywhere as traffic was extremely light. I think the main difference was the absence of big trucks. Usually there are as many trucks as cars on the highway and Interstate 40 is heavily used.

We got to Nashville by 12 and went to the house of Margie Rucker, Ken's mother. They were still opening presents. We got to see the kids open some of the presents from Margie and Gina, Ken's sister.

Then we got to eat. Margie is a great cook and we had a great meal. Just think, Anne, Ken, George, Adam, and Emma get to eat like that every Sunday.

Afterwards Beth, Steve, and Adam tried to set off the volcano he got from Margie. They had some success.

Then we all drove over to Anne's. We got to see Ken's new TV all set up. They bought a new table for it to replace the old entertainment center. That meant they have to find some place to store all the tapes and DVD's and the kids' games. At that time these things were just sitting around.

They are supposed to now have full cable service with HDTV. That should be nice. And I somehow wound up with a larger TV in my room. I am going up there tomorrow to enjoy that.

Then I left and came back home Sunday night. I was just tired of celebrating and needed some alone time. Steve and Beth flew back to Jacksonville that night.

Ken, Margie, and Gina are now in Hawaii. Aloha to them.

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