Sunday, January 22, 2006

Automobile-deer collisions are so common that even the New York Time did an article on it a couple of years ago. It must be common for them to write about something not pertaining to Manhattan.

Of course, people run into deer in Chester County all the time. Once the staff at the Independent had a contest to see who in the office had hit the most deer. My brother James won.

My brother-in-law Keith hit one of Garland Bottom Road last month.

I had never run into a deer. In my heart I attributed that to some virute on my part.

Today I ran out of luck or virtue, one or the other.

It was a bad day, all rainy, dark, and sad.

I went to the funeral of Randy Stewart, the brother of my sister June's first husband, Rayborn Stewart. Randy was only 49.

It rained hard all afternoon. It was so cold and rainy at the Friendship cemetery.

Afterwards we decided that we (June's family, Julia, and I) would eat supper at Ole Country Store, next to I-40 in Jackson. First I stopped by my house and changed out of my wet dress clothes.

Then I started to Jackson. As I do at night, and at that time it was dusk, I went by White Avenue, the old bypass that goes by the roadside park, gets to 45 where Arnold's Restaurant is on the left and The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses is on the right. Just before I got there, I was going along just fine and then a split second later a deer was right in front of me. There were no decisions to be made because I hit it just as I saw it. I was so astounded. I went to Dwain's Ford place and stopped at the driveway and looked at my car. I could see no damage.

I turned around and went back. The deer was on the center yellow line. I didn 't know what to do. I wanted to move it to the side but I was afraid I was not strong enough and it was getting dark and I was afraid I would get hit by a car myself.

So I drove on to Jackson where Harry called Frankie. He and Randall drove over there to find a man stopped there who wanted the meat. They helped him load the deer into his pickup.

I'm sorry it happened but there was nothing I could do. It is surprising that no damage was done to my car. I am sure than in the morning I will find some damage, at least scratches, but I was very lucky in my first encounter with a deer. I hope it is my only deer collision.

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