Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I had a wonderful Christmas. I wish I knew why this one was so much better than other recent ones so I could make this the pattern.

I went up to Nashville on Thursday, the 22nd. I would have gotten there earlier if I had known that the kids got out of school at noon. Anne was sick and had gotten a substitute for the day. She had had a fever the previous night.

The kids played with the gifts their teachers had given them. All the second grade teachers had given their students the book If I Ran the School and the kids enjoyed reading the poems outloud.

Also the boys worked on a craft project they were given. Adam's was Scooby Doo and George's was Sponge Bob. They punched out items and then glued them to the picture.

Beth and Steve were supposed to get in at the Nashville airport at 8:15 but they called to say the plane would be late. The first trouble they had was that all the parking places were taken at the Jacksonville airport. They finally found a place at one of the commerical Park and Ride places.

There were too many of us for one car so Ken and the kids went to pick up Beth and Steve. Anne and I went in my car and met them at Cracker Barrel to eat.

By this time it was late for the kids and they were drooping. Nevertheless we had a breakthough with Adam as he ate steak for the first time. He loved it and Ken was so proud of him. After eating the kids all gave up and went to sleep, Emma in my lap, Adam in Anne's lap, and George in Beth's.

Back at Anne's it was nice to have all my family together.

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