Saturday, November 19, 2005

Watching football on a fall Saturday afternoon is full of emotion. Frustration, elation, joy, and sorrow.

The Tennessee-Vanderbilt game is normally one where I want both to win so I watch the game hoping the one behind will score. Today Vanderbilt won in a thrilling game. Vanderbilt fans who went to Knoxville and saw the game in person must be both exhausted, relieved, and happy. I feel for Tennessee fans. The season started with such anticipation and now, even with a victory over Kentucky next week, they will not be bowl eligible.

Currently I am watching Auburn-Alabama and I don't want either to win. Earlier in the day one of the networks switched to the Ivy League where Harvard-Yale went into overtime. I can't express how uninterested I was in that game.

And in Little Rock, my beloved Bulldogs lost to lowly, lowly Arkansas 44-10. That is the worst we've been beaten this year, I think. How humiliating.

James has always been an advocate of seeing your team through the hard times. He says, and he is correct, that you really can't enjoy the good times fully if you haven't experienced the lows.

But even James is changing his tune. He sees no hope that my team will ever have highs and tells me that I have done my part for 40 years and it is okay if I give it up.

Will I feel better if I stop hitting my head against this brick wall? I'm not sure.

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