Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

On Thursday I went up to my sister Janice's for dinner. I carried a salad, macaroni and cheese, a German chocolate Bundt cake, and a pecan pie.

People at Janice's were:

Mother (Her hair had been beautifully arranged by someone at the nursing home)

Julia and Frankie

June and Harry


John and Charlotte, Cindy with Jesse and Morgan (Chelsea Paige had gone hunting with her daddy) Jennifer and Tony with Billy

Janice and Keith, Desi and Jonathan, Desiree


For some reason the conversation was particularly lively and it was a lot of fun.

Two people called Harry Frankie so we got a lot of comedy out of that.

Thursday afternoon my family came. It is always good to have them here. Since I was still taking care of Julia, I had a full house and it was great.

Friday morning was a new experience for me: I went shopping at the after Thanksgiving sales. We were up and at WalMart by 4:30. I cannot tell what we were out for but we did get it despite some setbacks. Anne got mad (with reason) and had some words for a WalMart clerk.

We also hit Target, Office Depot, Toys R Us, and Macy's. (It hurts a little bit to write Macy's. it should be Goldsmith's. It really should. It doesn't seem right to me that the chains are taking over the old stores that were identified with certain towns. Marshall Field. Rich's, Goldsmith's, etc. It is more efficient but we are losing some local cohesion.)

I did not buy much. Anne had her list and was the main buyer. I had previously made a large order to the Discovery Channel store. With the things I bought at Toys R Us and Macy's, my list is now down to Anne.

Friday afternoon we all went out to the nursing home to see Mother. I always remember that when she first moved there the kids understood it by saying that "Grandmother went to live with her friends." The home is already decorated and we enjoyed that.

Beth had to be at the airport by 6 am so she left early Saturday morning in my car and drove to Nashville. She left the car at Ken's mother's house and Margie took her to the airport. That was beyond the call of duty.

We got up and were off to Starkville to go to the Ole Miss game. I had some hopes. I thought we would be pretty evenly matched and that we might be able to win in a close game.

We ate breakfast at Selmer and ate lunch in West Point at Little Dooey's.

At the game, it was George's turn to sit with me. George turned out to be the worst to handle. He is not mean but he just had no interest in the game. We were always going out for the bathroom or to get food.

That takes a long time. We left our seats as soon as halftime was over to go get hot chocolate. When we got back to our seats, the game was 4 minutes into the 3rd quarter. The chocolate was good though.

One time we left to go to the bathroom just after we had scored a touchdown, when we got back they kicked the extra point. It was like they held up the game for us. What actually happened is that they reviewed the play upstairs and said he did not get into the end zone so the team had to do it again.

We won the game 35-14. We were on their 6 yard line when the game ended. The quarterback took a knee. I would have run it on in myself.

I can hardly believe it now. That we won by so much is incredible. There was much rejoicing.

After the game we went to our friends Charlie and Marty Sparrow. Their son Chuck was visiting with his wife Missy and new 4 month old daughter Shelby. I had wanted so much to see the new baby and she is worth it. She has a lot of hair and is a cutie and such a good baby.

We had a great meal of pizza. It was good to be back at the Sparrows' house.

Sunday I went back with them to Nashville. Originally I was to just drive my car back home but Emma got strep throat. Ken's mother volunteers at a hospital on Mondays so I stayed to care for Emma on Monday.

I came back after school and here I am alone now because Julia is back at her house.

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