Saturday, November 19, 2005

I remember studying about "extinguishing" behavior in psychology. Scientists train chickens, or whatever, to peck at a lever to get food. Then they quit giving the chicken the food and study how long it takes the chicken to quit pecking at the lever. That is extinguishing behavior.

I wonder how long it takes for my readers to quit checking to see if I have posted new material. Sorry for comparing you to chickens.

Julia had her arthroscopic knee surgery on Monday. It has turned out to be quite an ordeal for her.

She came home very weak and today on Saturday is just now strong enough to get around.

Tuesday she had fever and was hot and cold. I heated blankets in the dryer for her and then a little while later I would turn on the overhead fan to cool her down.

Wednesday Frankie took her to see Dr. Frix who prescribed an antibiotic for her.

Friday she talked to the surgeon's office and was told to go to the emergency room to see an orthopedic surgeon. Frankie took her and they were there for several hours.

She has a hematoma behind her knee but it isn't the kind goes to the heart or lungs and kills. She is not supposed to be up and on that knee.

They were most worried about her knee being hot. A whole slew of tests failed to reveal the cause of this.

She was told that if she has any more problems to immediately call the emergency room and ask for the orthopedic guy who will be there all weekend.

On Monday she goes back to the orginal surgeon.

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