Sunday, November 06, 2005

I drove down to Starkville yesterday to go to the Alabama game. The fall colors were beautiful, the weather was great, and it was good to be on the road. The colors in New England are supposed to be spectacular. I have never seen them but they must be great if they are that much better than here.

Unfortunately it did not turn out to be good to be a Mississippi State fan.

First, I had trouble getting there. When I got to the turn-off at Clayton Village, the normal way to campus, it was blocked off by highway patrolmen. I had to continue on the Highway 82 bypass. This is new, only been open a couple of months. I then took the next exit and had no idea where it went but went right to campus. I turned to the right when I got to regular 82 and went right to the technology center where I usually park.

Our regular kicker is hurt so we kicked off the game using a black kicker. Have you ever seen that before? I haven't. He did pretty good.

We lost the game 17-0. They scored 3 points on the defense, 7 on the offense, and 7 on a special teams. Except for a disastrous less than 3 minutes period at the beginning of the first half, the score would have been 3-0.

The defense played well all day. Once holding them on a 4th and 1.

When they announced the scores of the Tennessee-Notre Dame game, it got a big cheer. I could not figure it out until I realized that it was Alabama fans who were cheering the Tennessee loss.

After the game I talked to the Sparrows and got to see new pictures of their new baby granddaughters. Baby Rachael lives in Athens, GA, and baby Shelby lives in Atlanta. I don't see how Marty and Charlie stay out of Georgia.

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