Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Uncle George and Aunt Donna Seaton from San Bernadino, California, is visiting Tennessee for the first time in several years. The Seaton family had a reunion at Friendship School Saturday night.

I hoped that Anne's family could come and it worked out that they were able. However at the Adam's soccer game on Saturday morning Emma threw up. Anne took her home and she seemed better so they left a little later but they had not gotten out of Nashville before she threw up again. Ken took Anne and Emma home and brought the boys to my house by himself. Isn't he a good son-in-law?

I was tickled to see the boys. They are so cute.

I took macaroni and cheese (from a Rachael Ray recipe), brownies, and cokes to the school. There was a tremendous amount of food, of course. These are the sort of occasions where I allow myself to eat my favorite food, banana pudding. However, I was so busy talking that I only ate a small plate of food and never got to the dessert table. And I know there was banana pudding because Charlotte brought some.

Aunt Donna and Uncle George are still looking good. I got to introduce the Ken and the children to them. I especially wanted George to meet Uncle George. Although he was primarily named after George Rodney, there are so many Georges on both sides of the family that when little George was born Anne declared that he had been named after them all.

I talked a long time separately to my cousins Lamar and Terry Seaton. Their father, Uncle FL, my mother's brother, has very recently been put into a nursing home. He was ruining the health of his children and they were not able to handle him.

Two of his daughters, Sue and Brenda, have been to the emergency room with stress-related heart problems.

They took him first to a doctor in Bolivar who found he was having bleeding into the brain. That is now stopped.

His behavior involved paranoia and lately some violence against the children. They have not been able to handle him and it has been very hurtful because this is so far from his normal behavior that they feel they have already lost their father.

Now he is in a nursing home in Jackson but he is on the waiting list for Henderson.

I did take Mother to the reunion. She always behaves well and enjoys it.

We did the Families-standing-on-the-stage thing. Each of the brothers and sisters stand on the stage with their families. A lot of flash bulbs go off.

We won for having the most people there, seventeen.

Here are the attendees:

Junior Seaton was getting married that day so Uncle Hubert, Aunt Tylene, Dwain, and Nona came late. Uncle Hubert looks very bad, like a straw would knock him over.

Aunt Velma was there with Eva Mae, Dyke, and spouses.

Mother was there with me, Ken, Adam, George, Julia, June, Harry, James, Rene, John, and Charlotte were there. Also John's daughter Jennifer with her husband and two boys.

Aunt Maurine Talley was there with Joan and Larry Marberry, their daughter Andrea and her son Jack. Jack has very long eyelashes.

Uncle FL was not able to go. Carolyn, Lamar and Margaret, Terry and Wanda, Brenda with her two daughters and her grandchildren were there.

Uncle George and Aunt Donna looked great.

Aunt Allene was there with Rita and Sheila and her family.

Aunt Melba was there with Billy Joe and Jackie and their wives.

After the reunion a group of the cousins got together and talked about going to Friendship School.

Earlier George had told me "When you went to school here, you didn't even have color television." I told him that when I went to school there I didn't have TV period.

Sunday morning the Ruckers, Julia, and I went out to Friendship to see the house that my cousin Billy Joe Seaton and his wife, Theresa, are building. I just love Theresa.

Bill was working but we got to see their home. It is a geodesic dome and they have a lot to go to finish but you can see how wonderful it is going to be. Ken was impressed with the pond outside.

Afterward we went to the cotton field across from Hattie Lee's house. They have already picked it with the mechanical picker but there is a lot of cotton left there.

When we were going over, Adam kept asking if picking cotton was going to hurt. I don't know where that mis-impression came from.

They enjoyed picking cotton and carried some back for themselves, Emma, and their mother.

There were seventy acres of cotton planted on Mother's land this year. When I was young, getting a bale to the acres was something desired but not often achieved. This year they got one and a half bale to the acre.

The Ruckers left around lunchtime because they had a church activity for that night and Ken needed to get home to cook chili for it, but Anne wound up being the cook.

James and Rene came over for lunch.

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