Sunday, October 02, 2005


I got off a little late Saturday morning, drove straight through, and was getting onto campus as I heard on the radio that we scored a touchdown for the first score of the game. I was so excited. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. Actually it was so bad. That was our only score of the game. We missed a field goal later but that was our only threat.

It was very hot, 89 predicted. Clouds were sporadic. Then in the third quarter we got the first rain. Chances of rain were low so few people came prepared. By then LSU was running away with the game so many people, including me, left to find shelter underneath stadium.

When the rain stopped, I went back out to watch. Now the sun was shining, it was hot and positively steamy. Then another rain.

Joanne, the lady who sits in front of me at the game, was dissatisfied with the officiating. She often is, but unlike the rest of us she does something about it. She calls the SEC office on Monday and she also complains about other games. Not just SEC games either, she calls the PAC 10 office, or whomever she is mad about.

But the officiating had nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

The second team offense of MSU played the second half of the 4th quarter. Both Norwood and Conner had been hurt, but not seriously.

The freshman quarterback Henig did okay. He looks like a baby.

After the game I talked to the Sparrows under the stadium. Their new granddaughters are now two months old. Jennie's baby Rachael screamed during her entire hour-and-a half checkup at the doctor's. Chuck's baby Shelby is more placid.

I had been invited to go eat supper at Little Dooey's Saturday night. Beth even called me to ask me to get her a bottle of their barbecue sauce.

However the game ended an hour and a half before we were to meet. Going would put me home three hours later. But the main reason was that I felt so grimey and my hair was sticking to my head. So I came home and really enjoyed my bath.

I regret not being able to see the Andersons again who were to be at the dinner. Jim Anderson is from the Walter Anderson family. The family compound and pottery in Biloxi was extensively damaged. In fact I think only one house, not his, survived.

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