Tuesday, September 06, 2005

We pulled into the driveway of the Rucker house in Nolensville yesterday about 4 o'clock and Adam said "This was the best trip ever." We all did have a good time.

I drove up to Nashville Friday. Ken was at home when I got there. He had taken the day off. Ken had promised Anne she could have a cleaning woman come in when she got a job, but when the time came to hire one he balked over the cost and promised her he would do the job. He was busily cleaning when I got there and according to all he has been doing a good job.

Later Anne and the kids came home from school and we took off for North Carolina. Anne and Ken in the front seats, Emma and I in the middle, and George and Adam in the back. Emma immediately put in a new Spiderman movie they had not seen in the DVD player and we did not hear a peep out of the three for the next hour and a half.

They watched movie after movie e but the time came when that didn't help much. Emma started flinging herself onto her pillow saying I'm tired. I told her to look at the cars going the other way. I said there is a tired little girl in each one of them. That didn't help.

Our last stop at a gas station in North Carolina the sign on the pump said there was a $35 limit. This was the only sign we saw of an actual shortage. Ken and I argued several times over the weekend about gas prices. He believes that there is such a thing as gouging. I say it is just the free market working to allocate scarce resources.

I had given the directions to Anne at the gas station but when we got back on the road we could not find it. When we got off the road, we stopped and searched her area of the van but still could not find it. She threw away some trash at the service station so maybe she taccidentally threw it away there.

Both Emma and Ken said they thought they could find it and they did. We went right to it and drove up at the house about 11pm.

Cast of characters (the Hendersons)
Richard and Carol, our friends of almost 40 years, we met at LSU
Brian, their son, a PhD student at South Carolina
Jaime, his wife
Kate, their 4 year old daughter
Laura, Richard and Carol's daughter, Beth's roommate, unfortunately she was back home in Jacksonville sick, unable to come. She got sickin Europe a month ago and hasn't really been well since.

Last year the Lightsey clan rented the Lakeside house. It was lovely and right on the lake. BUT the house was so filled with clutter that it made us uncomfortable. This time we stayed with the Hendersons at Bear Lodge.

Richard had rented another house for Beth and Laura, thinking that maybe Laura would bring her boyfriend Todd with her. Neither were there and that left just Beth up there at Lakeview House, high on the mountain.

Beth flew to Asheville on Friday and the Hendersons picked her up. Then they ate at a Japanese restaurant.

When we got in Friday night, Jaime and Kate were asleep, but Richard, Carol, and Brian were up.

We put the kids to bed. Emma in my room upstairs and the boys in the bunk beds in the living room downstairs. George slept in the top bunk.

The adults divided up, R & C and I talked upstairs and Brian, Ken, and Anne downstairs. They stayed up longer than the older ones did.

One key topic of conversation among them was Charelston. Anne and Ken are going for a long weekend in Charleston next month to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Charleston is Jaime and Brian's favorite city;in fact, they were married there. They had lots of good advice for the Ruckers.

I love Bear Lodge, in fact, I wish it were my house. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, two baths, a large living room, kitchen, dining area, and sunporch. Downstairs is a very large bedroom and a huge multipurpose room with kitchen. It also has an air hockey game that the kids love. Bear Lodge also has two screened in porches, two decks, and two covered patios. And a hot tub in the yard.

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