Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Saturday morning was a beautiful day as we all the days we were in North Carolina. We had great weather.

The Lightsey contingent had bought some doughnuts and PopTarts at a gas station the previous night and that formed our breakfast but the Hendersons were kind giving us orange juice and other stuff if we wanted it.

We all trooped over to Beth's house. It is beautiful, high up on the mountain over the lake. She, staying there alone, had an office, living room, kitchen-dining room, three bedrooms, three baths, a deck, and a hot tub.

Thereafter, things are a blur. I don't really remember when things happened. Everyone just did what they wanted when they wanted.

Adam and Ken fished a lot but the fish weren't biting. Ken caught 2 and Adam one. They fished out of a paddle boat.

George. Emma, and Kate preferred playing in the water and sand by the boat dock. The rest of us mainly preferred sitting in lounge chairs watching the three children at play.

One time at the house the adults were all sitting around the dining table talking. Brian, Anne, and Beth brought up the subject of the get-together weekend when they were young. Their parents would sit around talking and the children would be amazed and talk about how they all hurried to get there and now all the parents wanted to do was talk. Now the grownup children were doing the same.

Saturday night the Henderson grilled pork chops. I was not feeling so hot so I napped but I heard it was good. I did eat some green beans they had bought at a farmers' market and I know they were good.

The air hockey game downstairs was used a lot. Adam loved it and was good at it. He finally beat me 5 games to 4. I think he was declared the air hockey champion.

Sunday night the Lightseys cooked. Ken grilled chicken and we also had macaroni and cheese, broccoli, hashbrown potatoes, and brownies. Good food.

We left Monday morning about 11 Eastern time. We dropped Beth off at the Asheville airport.

We passed several military convoys on the way over. They had chalked signs on the side saying they were going to New Orleans. One had their hometown also, York, Pennsylvania.

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