Friday, September 23, 2005

The new TV season is off. I have enjoyed some of my returning favorites and sampled some of the new shows that had a glimmer of promise.

Many of the times there is not a network show for me to watch. If I really wnat to watch Tv then, I will watch Fox News or HGTV.

Sunday is not a good night for me. Just nothing there. I have never tried Desperate Housewives and never will. This Sunday I will watch Martha Behind Bars starring Sybil Shepherd. I watched the first TV movie she did and was just amazed at Sybil. Sometimes it was hard to realize that this was not the real Martha. She has that character down pat. Also I like Martha because she believes that the work that women do in the home is important.

I tried How I Met Your Mother and Out of Practice on Monday nights. I may watch Out of Practice some but will probably be watching a lot of football.

As a fatty myself, I do like to watch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday and will continue to do so. I tried My Name is Earl but will not watch again. The premise held some promise but I didn't watch long because I don't like to watch stupid people making stupid decisions. Boston Legal returns. I love that. I am always amazed at their brilliance and disappointed in their ethics.

And then comes my absolute favorite night: Wednesday. I begin with The Apprentice:Martha STewart, hit the heights with Lost, and end with Invasion. Lost is my absolute favorite show on television. I used to enjoy talking to Julia about it, trying to figure out what was going on but it started to bother her so she doesn't watch it anymore. I have turned to the internet to read other peoples' speculations. The premiere episode of Invasion was very good. I hope they can keep it up.

Thursday is another vast wasteland. The Apprentice with Donald Trump comes on. I have never watched that nor have I ever watched Survivor.

Friday is a good night. I watch Supernanny, Threshold, and Numbers. Supernanny has helped me with both Emma and Adam. Threshold, another new show about invading space aliens, is not as good as some of the others but I will give it a little longer.

Numbers is about a mathematician. I have to suspend disbelief for this. The hero knows absolutely everything about every field of mathematics. That just does not happen. Mathematicians in different fields cannot talk to each other. I read once that until the 17th century it was possible for one person to comprehend the entire scope of human knowledge. Since then, no. There is just too much information. That is also true in mathematics.

I can watch this because they do the same thing in my beloved Star Trek. Captain Kirk or Captain Picard, besides commanding the ship, can fix anything on it. The good doctor can develop a vaccine for any previously unknown alien disease in a few hours. If only.

So I will watch Numbers because of its appreciation of math.

Saturday night I watch college football.

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