Friday, September 30, 2005

I went up to Nashville on Tuesday to help Anne with the children. I got up there after supper. There is nothing in the world to me like arriving at Anne and Ken's and having the kids squeal my name in delight and come running toward me with open arms.

Emma was getting ready to go to her first sleep-over. I went with Anne to take Beth to Callie's house so I would know where to pick her up the next morning. She was very excited.

As usual, George and Adam and I read before bed. Adam picked out a book on sharks and George picked one on how to care for a monster. We also read some Shil Silverstein poems.

George slept in my bed and Adam slept on the daybed in my room.

I watched Boston Legal and then went to bed.

They know to wake me up at 8 o'clock. I usually can hear them outside my door and then they come bounding in and jump on my bed. That is great also.

Unfortunately I left my purse in Anne's car when we carried Emma to Callie's house so I had no keys for my car.

The kids were out of school but Anne was not. It was teacher-parent conference day for her. She also had a doctor's appointment and that is where she was when we discovered the whereabouts of my purse.

I called Callie's father and he brought Emma home. She said she was not homesick. I know her daddy was a little Emma-sick. Anne said before he went to sleep he checked the phone to be sure he had a dial tone. Just wanted to be sure that Emma hadn't called and not been able to get through.

I brought them some marshmallow guns at the barbecue festival. They are made of plastic pipe. You put the mini-marshmallows in the barrel and then blow on the other end and the marshmallow shoots out. We played war with that. When Anne got home she was amazed and dismayed about the white dots all over the driveway until she realized what they were.

Emma decided she wanted me to shoot a marshmallow in her mouth and then she would eat it. I was afraid it would get stuck in her throat but she said she could close her throat and showed it to me. So I shot a marshmallow into her mouth and she ate it. Now I just realized that I need to tell Anne to tell the kids not to do that on their own.

We went down to Sonic for lunch. Emma got chicken nuggets; Adam got a hamburger with only ketchup; George got a hamburger with ketchup and pickle.

Then we went to Crockett Park . Crockett Park is large, with an adventure playground and six ball firelds that have concrete walks all around them. The kids brought their scooters with them. They fold to fit in the trunk. George the mechanical one has to unfold and snap them back together.

They had a good time scootering around the park all afternoon. I'm not sure than there is much energy saving to it because they spend so much time pushing with that left foot but they enjoy it and they go very fast.

They also played on the playground. When they took a break for a drink, I asked them multiplication questions. Adam enjoyed it so much that he stayed with me and did not go back to the playground. I also asked all three of them times questions on the way home.

They all have a good understanding of what multiplication is but they have memorized none of the tables. They get to 6 x 7 by adding 7 six times. I also would throw in some problems like 67 million times 0.

Back home we played with the magnet building set and they decided to watch Spiderman.

Anne got home about 6:30. It had been a good day for her.

Ken was on a business trip to Virginia.

After supper they went to bed in their own rooms since the next day was a school day. Adam cried himself to sleep because he wanted to sleep with me.

Wednesday night is my favorite TV night. I watch Apprentice:Martha Stewart, Lost, and Invasion.

The next morning they got ready for school and were excited that it was cold and they got to wear jackets.

I think gas stations are confused about what price to charge. There is such a big spread between stations that make no sense.

As I drove home and checked prices along the way, the price went up and down. In Nashville proper it was $2.99, but went up to $3.19 at Dickson, a few miles out. Then it went down to $2.85 across the river before going back up to $2.99 in Henderson. Strange.

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