Thursday, September 29, 2005

I forgot to mention the parking situation at the games at State. After I had complained about the parking changes, I now have to admit that for me it has worked out for the good.

Marty Sparrow suggested I park free at the technology center north of Highway 82. A free bus runs from there to the stadium.

James and I did that. A bus was waiting and we immediately got on and were off to the game.

After the game we talked to the Sparrows a bit, then walked to the bus. It was filled and James had to stand. A kind gentleman gave me his seat because I was unable to reach for the bar above to hold on.

Back at the car, we left and were on Highway 82 headed west in 5 minutes. Actually that was the best ever for me leaving. It has taken me an hour sometimes to get out of the parking lot.

When we got to the game, I commented to James that I thought I had forgotten to lock the car, but, I said, there is nothing valuable in there. Poor James, he then remembered that when he tore off our tickets he just left the rest lying in the seat.

When we got back to the car, it was not locked but the tickets were still there.

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