Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I was out in town today and I can tell you that I won the Katrina contest by a long shot. My yard has the most debris by a wide margin.

Last night the wind blew and the rain fell. When the power went off about 11:30, I decided it was time for bed. It came on sometime during the night and I think I even turned the TV on but I can't be sure of that.

This morning I am left with a yard full of leaves and twigs and small branches and one large one.

I have tried since Sunday to call my relatives in south Mississippi but I can't get anyone. The TV pictures are horrible. I hope the ones living in New Orleans and Pascagoula left.

Sandersville is the small town north of Laurel where most of my relatives live. I did learn somewhere that the oil refinery there is shut down and that highway 11 that runs through it is closed.

Also highway 49 and the interstate from Meridian to the coast is shut. They hope to be able to open one lane of traffic on the interstate tomorrow to allow emergency vehicles to go to the coast.

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