Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I am in Nashville tonight preparing to go to Hawaii.

George, Adam, and Emma and I had a good day.

Emma is so stubborn and has gotten in a bad habit of getting her way by sulking and whining. I didn't want to put up with that all day so the day didn't start off good. I sent her to her room and told her not to come out till she had a better attitude. It took an hour and a half but when she finally came out for good things went well the rest of the day.

She came out twice but had a whinny voice so I sent her back. She had Goerge bring me a note that said

To Who Who from Emma

I'm still in my room. I gess I will be in here the holl day and all (she means I'll) not get anything to eat.

We read poems in the morning. One had the word aid in it and I explained that it meant help. George said: You mean we should run down the road yelling Aid! Aid!

They played most of the afternoon with the two boys across the street, Jacob and Johua. Joshua is in the second grade, too. He will be in the boys class this year. Jacob is probably two years older.

They spent some time playing among the rocks in the back of the Ruckers' house. Emma told me that she and Joshua found a bone. They believed it had a skeleton there and they were going to dig it up. Joshua believed it to be that of an Indian but Emma thinks it is a dinosaur. In any case Emma says that if a museum wants the skeleton they will have to pay her $1,000.

Tonight we went over to the pool and Ken worked on teaching the little ones to dive. They made good progress but the boys enjoying most doing cannonballs off the diving board but agreed that Daddymade the biggest splash.

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