Tuesday, July 12, 2005

John has come up with such a wonderful idea. I am so excited about it.

There are 76 acres of cotton planted on Mother's property this year. The huge field across from Cousin Hattie Lee has cotton and it goes from there around to behind Mother's house to Peddy Road.

John explained to me how cotton is grown now. All weed control is done chemically. It is never cultivated after it is planted. New varieties of cotton seed keep the plant from growing too large and making it just right for the mechanical picker.

Speaking of cotton seed, it is so expensive it is priced per seed.

Rather than being dropped into the ground, it is now injected.

The fields are beautifu now. The cotton is in the square stage. I have never understood why it is called a square since clearly it is a triangle.

John's wonderful idea is to have a cotton party to show our children and grandchildren what it was like to grow cotton.

We are going to have it down by the big ditch. We will make some sacks and let them pick cotton. I have Aunt Catherine's old cotton scales and we will use that to weigh the cotton. We will make bonnets for the girls like Mama and Mother used to make.

Our beverage will be water in a gallon jug, covered in newspaper and set in a paper sack, just like in the olden days.

John says that Daddy's chains are in the closet at the house, the ones he used to measure cotton. That would be educational and fun to get out also.

I just can't wait.

The problem is when to have it. It must be after the cotton opens but before it is harvested. That will be sometimes in September or October.

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