Sunday, July 31, 2005

I went up to Nashville this past week to keep the kids so Anne could work on her classroom.

One interesting topic of discussion was why they could not remember things from when they were two. I thought it was unusual that they had thought about this. I told them that a two year old's mind is not developed enough to remember things. Emma asked the orginal question. George wanted to know when children began remembering. I told him that some people could remember when they were three but that most people did not remember anything until four or later but that Aunt Julia remembered from much earlier than two.

We went to the pool on Thursday afternoon. They are all as brown as berries from being outside so much in Florida. George is the brownest; Emma is the lightest; Adam is in the middle. The boys have different skin tones from Emma. I remember when they were babies the pictures of the three of them would show a little pinkish red Emma between two more yellow toned boys.

All three are excellent swimmers. They jump off the diving board without holding their nose like I do. Emma wants to learn to dive. Right now when she tries she mainly just puts her arms out and then falls on her stomach. Emma loves the water the most and is the best at swimming. She is also more adventuresome in the water.

Adam is so eager to start school. He loves to learn. Emma is anxious to restart her social life. George gets along well at school but prefers to figure things out himself.

I bought the book A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein this time. They and I have read Where the Sidewalk Ends, also by Silverstein, so many times that we can practically recite the poems. It was good to get some new ones.

Emma's favorite is about how good tasting a thumb is. She currently has an appliance in her mouth to prevent her from sucking her thumb and she is doing good giving it up.

The Ruckers have joined a new church and they got a welcome basket Wednesday night. The children enjoyed some card games from the basket. One was a memory game, where you turn up cards and try to make a match. If there is no match you turn the cards back over.

Two years ago this type game was no fun to play with the children because Adam was so far ahead of George and Emma. It was a foregone conclusion that Adam would win by a long shot.

When we played the game Thursday I was suprised that it was easily won by George.

Another game we played is like Old Maid except that the extra card is an Angel and if you have it at the end of the game you win.

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