Thursday, July 07, 2005

Do you know if something is full or empty before you touch it?

It seems like black magic or something, certainly not scientific, but sometimes I feel that I can.

The most common example is when I am cleaning up and am picking up Coke cans. I can tell if it has liquid in it or is empty before I pick it up. This works even if it isn't my can so it isn't memory. Cleaning up after the get together Saturday night I knew which cans still had Coke in it and which didn't.

Today I went to the mail box. I was crossing the road and I thought the mail box is full. Of course, when I am opening the mail box I can feel how much is in there by the the motion of the box, but I knew it was full before I touched it and it was.

The most likely explanation for this is our natural desire to make sense of the world. Therefore, I remember those times when I guess right and conveniently forget about those times I am wrong.

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