Saturday, July 30, 2005

Anne is just about ready for school to start. She says she is not going back to the school until she is required to go to new teacher training but I'm not sure I believe her.

She has been working very hard on her classroom. I went up there this week to keep the children for her so she could work. She spent all day, 8:30 to 5, on Thursday but came home after one on Friday so I could go home.

When I visited Wednesday night, it looked complete to me. I recognized some things, especially my 20 year old rug. A rocking chair is there so I guess she will read to the children while they sit on the rug.

Signs saying East, West, North, and South label the appropriate walls. The children's names are taped to the desks. She is not sure yet of the arrangement. She knows the children already so she has some idea of who works good with whom and who not to sit together. Sometimes she asks Emma "the one who knows all and tells all."

I noticed that China will be in her class. I don't know what is medically wrong with China. She is small, sits in a wheelchair, and doesn't talk. Anne said she requested to have her. Since she has an aide with her at all times and is often gone to other special classes and therapies, it shouldn't be too much of a burden.

I wanted George to read me the book My New Boy but found Anne had taken it to her room so I had her retrieve it for me. All her books are in plastic bins sitting on shelves. They are also in plastic bags, according to reading level.

She has plastic tags handing by the door to use for bathroom visit control. The one for girls has pink ribbon and "Girl's" written on it. The boys is similar. I told her I thought that the Girl's was wrong. I wasn't sure what belonged to the one girl. She said she thought I was right but they were that way when she got them. I don't know if she bought them or they were a gift. Other teachers have been very kind to her and given her gifts of supplies.

I think it should be Girls. Or, at least, Girls'.

I told her how it was done at Friendship when I was in the little room. There were signs on each side of the door. They had a large red circle on one side and a large green circle on the other. One was for boys and one for girls. If I needed to go to the toilet and the sign for girls had the green circle on it, I turned the sign to the red circle when I went out the door. On my return, I turned it to green and another girl was free to go. Anne said she might use that system instead. There would be nothing to get lost.

Anne has a desk with a computer. She has a few personal pictures taped up there, including one with Ken, George, Adam, Emma, Margie Rucker, Gina Rucker, and me at her graduation from Aquineas.

I did not see it but Anne said on the corrider outside her door she has since put little backpacks with names of the students. Adam and George's teacher has apples posted with the names of her students including Adam and George. Emma's teacher has not yet done that.

Emma measured to see how far they will be from their mother. Her classroom is five steps away and the boys' room is nineteen steps away.

They are getting a new computer lab at the school. It is being set up in the room next to Anne's. There were new Dell computers with the thin flat screens all over the place.

Later both George and Emma read me the book My New Boy. I love that book so. It is written from the viewpoint of the dog. The dog gets his new boy and teaches him tricks like throwing a stick, etc. It is so cute.

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