Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I went to Nashville early Sundaymorning to see Beth and to help Anne out.

Beth had been to the wedding of a former co-worker on Saturday. Steve came up with her but he chipped a tooth and was in pain so he did not go to the wedding.

When Beth got to the wedding, she felt that people thought she must have gone to the wrong church because she was the only white person there. When she saw the table with gifts, she went out to her car to get her gift and they really must have thought that before she reappeared.

Nevertheless she said it was a nice and lively wedding and she had a good time.

She and Steve left to go back to Florida on Sunday afternoon.

I went back to Anne's house. She was going to a teaching math seminar on Monday and Tuesday so I was going to keep the kids.

Sunday night Emma had a softball game. Adam was upset about not going to church. When he heard they were going to church, he said "We're not going to church? What is more important, church or a ball game?"

It is very tiresome when children learn what you teach them.

The game was in a tournament and if they lost their season would be over. They did lose but Emma got a hit every time she got up to bat as usual. This is especially good as she always, and I mean every time, swings and misses at the first pitch.

She loves softball and plays very well, and she is playing out of her league. Her team is made up of 7 and 8 year olds, and she was only six at the beginning of the year. She will be able to play 3 years in the 7-8 year old league.

Emma is very competitive. When I was keeping her, we would spend some time with my throwing balls to her to field. I was throwing fly balls to her and she was catching them about one third of the time. Then she proposed that we make a game of it where she got a point if she caught it and I got a point if she missed. The percentages then turned around. She began to catch two thirds of the fly balls.

Adam and George spent the time around the light poles stomping bugs gathered on the ground . It was a massacre. As we were leaving, George asked Ken why bugs were attracted to lights. Ken didn't know but George did.

"They're partying, that's what they are doing flying around. If I were a bug, I would party all night and then go to my job in the morning. A bug's job is to bite people, so I would party all night and bite people all day. That would be my job."

Monday Anne left at 7 for the seminar. Ken left at the regular time. I took the boys to Cub Scout Day Camp which began at 9 o'clock. I left them there and Emma and I went back home. We made out a schedule for the day, when we were watching TV, reading, playing outside, eating, playing spinner, and going back to get the boys.

Spinner is a game we made up. They make out lists of things they want to do. They even put boxes at the left to check when they had done them. The spellings are creative. Emma wrote "xrsis" for exercise. Strange but good phonetically.

Then we gather in a circle on the floor and one of us spins a sword scabbord and whomever it points to we do the next thing on their list. It is a fun game for me, too Most often I chose reading as my activity but sometimes I have them walk on my back. It is a good massage.

Emma and I had a good day and then we picked up the boys. They had a great day. They enjoyed camp very much.

One thing they had done was make stilts out of tin cans, just the way I used to do when I was a kid, except they used twine where I used baling wire for the handles.

They had also gotten to shoot BB guns and bows and arrows. George hit the target with neither one. Adam hit the paper but not the target with the BB gun. George said "I made zero with the BB gun and zero with the bow and arrow. Zero plus zero is zero."

When we got home, they went to bed. Adam went to sleep but George and Emma didn't. The purpose was for the boys to get some rest because the boys had a baseball game that night.

It was a tournament game. The boys did not play well. Adam got on base one time and George not at all. their team lost.

The highlight of the night was a huge plate-size turtle that got boxed in between two fences. All the kids loved the turtle but then a coach picked it up and carried it to the woods.

At eight o'clock the next morning the kids woke me up and the boys were ready to go. They were dressed, wearing sun screen and their hats, carrying their lunches and water bottles, and they wanted to right then. It was hard to get them to wait.

Emma and I had another good day. One extra thing we did was go to Babies R Us to buy baby gifts for Charlie and Marty Sparrow's expected granddaughters. Both Chuck and Jennie are expecting girls in August.

The boys were just as excited as they had been the day before. Someone had told them about drinking water in the heat so they reported to me that Adam pee-ed one time during the day and George three times. I praised George for drinking a lot of water.

Emma retorted that he hadn't drank much because half his Gatorade was still in the bottle. George told her that at lunch he was already "hydrated."

They had had first aid lessons that day. George reported how to take care of a wound by washing it and putting disinfectant on it that "will kill all the germs." Adam adamantly disagreed. "No, George, it kills 99% so 5 0r 6 are left."

As I left them at camp and picked them up again, I appreciated the adult volunteers there and I was so glad that my days in scouting are over.

I left and came home when Anne got back. I enjoyed my two days. I liked spending time with just Emma and I liked seeing the boys so happy with going to camp and learning new things.

Anne called me to report that the boys' team won two games tonight. George got 6 hits and Adam 5. George had 5 rbi's. I know they were thrilled. Anne was giddy with excitement and so was I when she told me.

I am calling Coach Polk tomorrow to hold two scholarships eleven years from now.

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