Monday, May 16, 2005

I went to South Carolina to visit the Hendersons for the Mother's Day weekend.

For the first time I flew. Richard Henderson is always wanting me to fly and I always refuse but this time I let him give me the ticket and I did fly.

This time I left from Memphis. For some reason, I enjoy seeing all those FedEx planes at the Memphis airport. And when we were lined up for takeoff, I looked to the right and saw a FedEx plane and I looked to my left and saw a FedEx plane and I realized I was happy.

I changed planes at the Charlotte airport. That airport has those big, white rocking chairs everywhere. It was so relaxing to sit in one of those and rock. This is a wonderful idea.

Carol met me at the airport. It is always good to see Richard and Carol. They have been my friends for almost 40 years and they have proven themselves to be true friends over and over. I am lucky to know them.

Friday night we went down to Columbia to see the Hendersons' granddaughter Kate and "those other people." That's what Richard jokingly calls Kate's parents, Brian and Jaime. At least, I think he means it jokingly.

Kate is now four and has her grandparents wrapped around her little finger and of course they love it there. Kate decided she and her grandfather would play a game where she was the grownup and he was the child. He had a fit saying he did not want to go to bed. She told her dad "He's such a whiney boy."

Jaime was so sweet to us. They were having a women's program at her church so she took us. It was a supper, speech, and a fashion show. We enjoyed it very much.

Friday night late Beth, Laura, and Laura's young man Todd came. This was the first time anyone had met Tood and he seems very nice.

Beth's Mothers' Day gift to me was a wooden cutout of the stadium at Mississippi State. I haven't seen decided where to put it. Right now it resides on top of my computer.

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