Monday, April 18, 2005

In life, we always think that next month will be better and less stressful. But when next month comes, it brings new annoyances. At least, this is true for me. I always expect things to get better and I am not good at handling just the ordinary bumps of life.

My lawn mower has not worked since last year. I suspected it to be the battery but had no idea what to do about that. John came Sunday, took the battery, and brought a new one today. The mower started beautifully. But the front tire is flat. I have no idea where to take a flat tire. so many "service" stations have closed, but John says I can take it to the Co-op. I will try that.

Now I have to get the tire off. I told John I could do it. We will see.

Also the electricity to my garage has never been on since the fire. John also kindly agreed to look into that. After working in the garage, he traced the line to the fuse box. the same fuse box that he says is illegal because it is in the closet of my bedroom.

He could not take the cover off because a clothes rod is anchored to the frame. I have now taken the clothes off and folded the offending rod up. We will see what happens when he comes back.

When we get that worked out, my garage door still will not work because I backed my car into it last year. John thinks I should call my cousin Dyke who works on commercial doors. I hate to be beholden to people. But I do love my garage door opener. It makes me feel so powerful.

We now take such things for granted. However it has not been that way for long. When Anne and Beth were little, we went up to where they were finishing a new fire station not far from our house. A friend of ours, who was a Starkville alderman and a fireman, had keys and took us.

He had a remote control in his pocket and the girls were amazed that the doors would open on his command. They had never seen anything like it.

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