Wednesday, March 30, 2005

On a Thursday, about two weeks ago, I left Anne's house in Nashville, and drove to Charlotte, NC. I was very proud of myself that I drove through Charlotte without any problem, thanks to Mapquest. I was meeting my nephew Jay there for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men's basketball tournament.

Jay bought tickets two months ago, not knowing who the teams there would be. Sunday night we were on the phone to each other watching the selection show when the last Charlotte team came up........Mississippi State.

I was surprised to find Jay not yet at the Motel 6 as we had been in touch by cell phone and I thought he was ahead of me. He finally did show up, after having gotten lost.

Jay picked the Motel 6 since we didn't intend to spend any time there except sleeping.

Thursday night we ordered pizza and watched games on TV

Friday there were four games in two sessions. University of North Carolina versus Oakland and Minnesota versus Iowa State in the first and Duke versus Delaware State and Stanford versus Mississippi State.

Both Duke and North Carolina were number one seeds. North Carolina is awesome, whereas I was surprised at how weak Duke looked.

Mississippi State beat Stanford in the late game. Jay and I spent a lot of time puzzling over the Stanford cheer team. First the mascot was a grafitti tree, not very well made. They had a dance squad of six girls, who danced, not very well and not together. Then there were four more people in workout gear that just jumped up and down.

Jay finally concluded that we are too dumb to understand what it is all about. Those Stanford people are too smart for us.

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