Saturday, March 05, 2005

Marty Sparrow invited me to go down to Starkville for the basketball game today. Charlie is out of town, in Arizona, on business so I was able to use his ticket.

At first, I intended to go down Friday, see the baseball game Friday afternoon, spend the night, and go to the basketball game today. However, I got up Friday morning with runny eyes and nose. I cancelled that portion because I didn't think sitting in the cold stands at Dudy Noble with the wind blowing would be a good idea.

Today I feel fine so I am wondering if maybe it was some kind of allergy. I left this morning around 7, stopping in Tupelo for a whi at Books-A-Million. I tend to forget time in bookstores but I caught myself in time to get down to Starkville and meet Marty at the president's room at the coliseum for the Tip-Off Club lunch and talk.

The food was good but I didn't eat much because so many people came over to say hello. This happened at the game also. It was a big ego boost to me. It was so nice to see these dear people who remember me, miss me, were glad to see me, and wanted to catch up on my life.

I saw Anne's old high school buddy Bert Martin. Who ever would have guessed that he would eventually be a high school teacher and father of five.

The coliseum was full of people wearing white at the coach's request. There is a new scoreboard, one of those four-sided ones that hang in the middle of the court, and shows the action like the Jumbotrons. Or maybe it is a Jumbotron. It is a little hypnotic. I noticed a couple of times that I was watching the scoreboard rather than the live action. (More evidence, anecdotal, I know, that our brains make some kind of connection to that screen. We, or, at least I, are (am) addicted to the TV.)

When we played Alabama there, they won something like 93-47. An awful, awful game. There were hard feelings engendered, too, because, when the deficit was up to 40 points,the Alabama coach his first team in for almost 9 minutes.

To get to the end, unfortunately, we lost by 5 points. It was an exciting game. The coliseum is so loud that one time I even put my hands over my ears, but most of the time I contributed to the Decibel level. For that, I am now hoarse.

Today was Senior Day. Six seniors were honored. Laurence Roberts, the all-American, had a special guest there, his aunt Robin Roberts, the ABC and ESPN sportscaster.

It was a good day. It was especially good to spend time with Marty. She and Charlie are becoming grandparents this summer for the first and second time as both their daughter Jenny and daughter-in-law Missy are expecting.

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