Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Julia and I went to a meeting today at the nursing home. They say that nursing home care will not be cut because of the demise of TennCare. perhaps the drug benefit will decline if the patient is taking many drugs.

The new addition to the nursing home has been put on hold because the county needs a new justice center. (think jail.)

the nursing home is always between a rock and a hard place in so far as falls are concerned. The state does not want them to use restraints but comes down hard on them when a patient falls. They have to report every fall to the state.

I have signed papers saying that I know that Mother falls but don't want any more restraints on her. Next step for her would be a tippy-toe wheelchair, I suppose. I want her to walk as long as possible. She gets around fairly well now. Today she was strong enough to walk all the way to the cafeteria.

So far when she falls, she falls softly. Meaning that she just sort of sits on the floor. Only one time did she bruise.

Afterwards Julia and I ate lunch with Mother. A visitor's lunch costs only $1.50 for excellent food. That is a real bargain.

Today the menu was green beans, chicken and dumplings, corn muffin, and cake. Mother dislikes green beans so they had carrots on her plate. She ate almost nothing. I am not worried about her not eating but she needs to drink more.

They said we should have a goal of getting her to drink two swallows of liquid when we visit. Just that small amount can make a difference. Maybe she will get used to drinking more.

I intend to take her some sweet tea every time I visit.

Richard Henderson, our dear friend in South Carolina, had a corneal transplant today. The operation went well and he hopes to be able to see much better. He was almost blind in that eye, could not read with it. Modern medicine is wonderful in what it can do for us. As with most operations now, this was outpatient surgery.

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