Saturday, February 26, 2005

I've been thinking about a particular small town in the south of Germany near the Swiss border. George Rodney, Anne, Beth, Lynn and Russ Lambert, and I spent a memorable night there.

We got into town before supper and checked into an old inn. As many hotels are in Europe, there was no TV and the bathroom was on another floor.

Everyone left to go to supper but I decided to claim some alone time, but soon someone, I forget who, came back to get me because they were having so much fun.

We left and went down a typical street with the sidewalks right next to the buildings. Then there were some doors like barn doors and we went in. There was a courtyard restaurant like you read about. A few tables, big wine barrels, people in native customer, and no one spoke English and we surely did not speak German.

I don't know who ordered but soon they came out with platters for us. First a large platter of french fries was put in the middle of the table. Then Russ got a platter with steak on it. The rest of us got individual plates with french fries piled on them.

I don't know if they mistakenly ordered these ridiculous things or the Germans were laughing at the stupid Americans.

Anyway we enjoyed our meals and the evening.

The next morning Russ was going up the stairs to the bathroom when he met a woman going down the stairs. Her only clothing was a small towel that she carried in her hand.

Later while we were eating breakfast at a small cafe across the street , she came in with her group and Russ, good church of Christ member that he is, blushed beet red.

To make the story perfect, when we left we saw that their car had a Swedish license tag.

Of course, George Rodney claimed that forever after Russ refused to stay in hotels with private baths.

This was the Lamberts' first trip to Europe. When we arrived in Paris from the US, they were so excited that jet lag didn't affect them. They went out walking down toward the Eiffel Tower.

When they stopped at a sidewalk cafe, they ordered cappucinos. Lynn didn't want hers but after spending $6 for each cup, Russ was not going to let them go to waste so he drank both.

The next morning he reported he didn't sleep a wink. Not only could he not sleep, he was on such a caffeine high he claimed he had been unable to even close his eyes.

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