Saturday, January 15, 2005

I was reading an article this week about long time internet users, yea, even internet pioneers, who were getting off the internet entirely, sick of the spyware, spam, and generally annoyed at the unwanted advertisements on their screens.

I have now found the most annoying thing of all things internet-ly.

I use TVGuide.com a lot since I moved back to Henderson and no longer receive the Jackson Sun. I use it to find interesting programs. Sometimes they are on the Hallmark Network, but at the moment I am so mad at them, I will boycott them.

On the side of the TV grid on TVGuide.com is a black advertisement for a Hallmark program. That's fine. I read it and moved on.

But then the advertisement enlarged, the blackness creeping over, covering part of the grid. I went up the the x in the corner to close the thing, but the x went away and the advertisement contracted. I did not have time to click on the x.

So I go back to reading, but the blob again partly covered the screen, and again I was not quick enough to close it.

Aha, it is a contest, so I wait with my cursor hovering just outside of the upper right hand corner of the accursed thing. Nothing happens. I wait and wait.

So thinking it just does it a couple of times and will now leave me in peace, I go back to reading. Darkness comes again, and again I am too slow.

This goes on and on. I think maybe if I don't cross the blackness when I put the cursor in position, I can catch the x. No, that doesn't work either. It seems to know where the cursor is, and when it has time to lurch with impunity.

No, surely that is paranoia. But I can never outsmart the creeping, annoying, and bedeviling Hallmark black blob.

Like Lady McBeth, I cry out: Who will rid me of this d--- spot!

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