Friday, January 07, 2005

Emma is selling Girl Scout cookies. I bought 6 boxes, 4 for me and 2 "for the war." The latter two will be sent to soldiers in Iraq.

Mother was in the hospital this week from sunday till Thursday with a urinary tract infection.

Mother and her family have adjusted to these frequent hospitalizations. We are no longer all showing up when she has to go to the emergency room. Deciding that three children are enough, the other two children are notified but don't go to the hospital to sit around in the waiting room of the emergency department. Sunday John and I did not go and next time Janice and James will not go. This will work out very well I think.

We no longer have to have someone at the hospital with Mother at all times. She is more comfortable there, although I wonder if she has ever by herself pushed the button for the nurse to come. Usually Julia goes in the morning, I go in the afternoon, and others go at night. Julia and I take her back to the nursing home.

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