Sunday, December 19, 2004

Yesterday, December 18, my nephew Alvin Stewart got married. Having just turned 40, he continues a tradition in my family of males marrying later in life.

Alvin is the son of my sister June.

His new wife Abigail is from the Phillipines. Although Alvin had been over there many times, she had never been to the US before so no one had met her. However, she has been here a week and her new sister-in-law April pronounced her wonderful.

The wedding was held at a place called Petals and Lace in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Alvin wore a white embroidered shirt like they do in the Phillipines. Abigail wore a long white, strapless gown. She looked beautiful.

They had no attendants.

After the ceremony, there was dancing. I danced with Emma, then called Adam to me. He started walking toward me but when I unwisely said I wanted to dance with him, he turned and walked the other way. I got the same reaction from George. So my dancing was over.

After the reception everyone, including the bride and groom, went over to June's house. We talked and the couple opened wedding gifts. Abigail speaks fluent English.

After a honeymoon in an undisclosed location, they will be living in Ripley, Tennessee, where Alvin is an accountant with American Greetings.

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