Monday, December 13, 2004

I went to see Mother today and carried some pictures of my family.

The first picture I showed her was of Anne. She studied it for a minute and then said "I can't tell if it is Anne or Beth." Anne was looking down and I can see how she could be confused. I told her it was Anne.

She immediately identified the next picture, that of Beth.

She studied over Ken's picture, before turning it over to see that his name was written on the back. Her turning the picture over was encouraging to me.

I asked who he was and she said he is married to Anne. So far so good.

But then I asked her how many children Anne has. She said three but when I asked how many boys and how many girls she said two girls and one boy. And when I showed her a picture she could not remember their names.

So there is some good and some bad. Julia asked if I thought Mother was in danger of not remembering her children. I don't think so. If it ever happens it is a long way off. Right now she definitely knows us and knows our personal stories. She sometimes calls her children by the names of another but I do that, too.

She has told a couple of people that she has 5 children. We wonder who she is leaving out.

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