Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I went to the Christmas concert of the high school and junior high school choirs on Sunday. My niece Denee sings alto in the senior high group.

It was raining hard but I went anyway. Julia and Frankie were there as well as Janice and Keith. It was unusual but Keith's mother and sister were there.

I am not a knowledgeable music fan but I enjoyed it.

Sometimes we get jaded by watching the very best on TV. I'm sure that the choir at the lighting of the Christmas trees in Rockefeller Center and Washington, DC, were much better than the Chester County groups. But it is important to go to more local programs, sports, and meetings,even when they are not the best.

Jay told me about some rantings by Jim Rome on Rome is Burning on ESPN. He was talking about the bowl games and his conclusion was that most are not worth having and not understanding how anyone could value them.

It won't be USC-Oklahoma, but I am going with Jay to Mobile to see Memphis play in the GMAC bowl. I had a great time at the bowl game in New Orleans last year and expect to have a great time this year. These things where people get together for a common goal are important, and they are important if they aren't even televised.

I remember reading a few years ago the contention that one thing wrong with American society is the decline of bowling leagues. Decades ago there were many, a sign of strong community spirit. Now we don't do things like that. We all stay at home and watch TV. In many families people watch in separate rooms.

I myself resolve to do better. It is more important to support the Chester County Eagles that to support the Philadelphia Eagles. We should go to more local sporting events, meetings, and cultural events.

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