Tuesday, July 06, 2004

July 4, 2004

We had a great 4th, perhaps the best ever. I don't know what it was, sure wish we could capture it in a bottle and bring it out again.

We got together at Janice's for lunch. Even Mother enjoyed it. Last time we took her to a lunch,the Seaton reunion, we told them at the nursing home not to feed her. Then when we got to the reunion, not one piece of food passed her lips. This time I made sure that she had had her lunch before I picked her up. And. of course, she ate this time. Not a great deal, but a good amount.

She had a good time, too. She usually gets antsy and wants to go home after an hour or so, but this time I only took her back because she needed to take medicine at 4.

Finally Janice and Keith informed us that we had to leave because his family was coming over for supper. So we moved the party to my house.

James and Rene had to go and John was feeling not so good so it was the three older sisters and families. Things went on so late that Julia went to sleep on the floor. June and family spent the night with me.

When Julia got here the next day, we told her we had played Mexican dominos all night. She was so upset, telling us "Why didn't you call me?" Actually we got in no games at all for the weekend. Julia and I will have to go to Arkansas sometime on purpose to play dominos.

Sunday afternoon we watched Gary Cooper movies on tv, Alvin York and then The Pride of the Yankees.

We enjoyed hearing Jay, April, and Alvin telling stories. My favorite one was when they went horseback riding at Chickasaw.

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