Saturday, July 03, 2004

Day 5


I got up late, as usual, and headed east again. I got to Jacksonville in the middle of the afternoon. No problem until I got there. I had just gone from I-10 to I-95 when the bottom of the sky did fall out. It was raining so hard that people on the interstate were going less than thirty. I just told myself Don't panic. I could hardly see. I just concentrated on keeping the car on the road. About 30 minutes later, the rain lessened enough for me to find my exit, known as the JTB. Then it began raining harder than ever. When I got off that onto A1A I stopped at a service station to wait out the rain. I called Beth and found out that I was just a few blocks from the hotel so as soon as it stopped a little bit I drove to the hotel, the Days Inn on the beach.

When I checked in, I asked for a high room and got 810, on the top floor, and exactly the same room I had when I went down in May. All the rooms are oceanfront.

Beth came by to see me when she got off from work and we went to her house for supper. She cooked tacos which Laura, Steve, Beth, and I enjoyed.

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