Sunday, June 27, 2004

Trip to Mississippi and Florida

Day 1

Last Thursday I left here to go to Ellisville, Mississippi. The Jackson radio station was reporting on a Jackson policeman who had been shot in Jackson in the line of duty. He was in surgery the last I heard. I was sad to return and find that he had died.

When I got to my sister-in-law's house, the Ruckers had arrived just a bit earlier. Carolyn and Jay, known as Aunt Carolyn and Papa Jay to the kids, have a pool and the kids love it. They were wanting to go swimming so I went out and watched them in the pool. All three are getting to be good swimmers. Emma is just like a fish.

That night we cooked out. Jay and Carolyn have a large open pavilion behind their house where they entertain. We ate there, along with their granddaughter Mandy and her husband Chris.

Last year Emma asked Mandy where her parents were. When Mandy told
her she lived with her husband Chris. "I'm married." So Emma asked, "Where are your babies?"

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