Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Review of Ike: Lead up to D-Day on A&E television.

This is showing on A&E and will be shown many times in the next few days. I urge you to see it.

Tom Selleck has been making the rounds of talk shows touting the movie. He mentioned that they thought it would be dishonest not to show the smoking. They certainly did not cover it up. Someone seems to be smoking all the time and a haze hangs over the deliberations. We now forget how much smoking people used to do.

But the crux of the show is the hard decisions these people, and especially Eisenhower, had to make. The casualty rate for the paratroopers and glider pilots was estimated to be 70%. They went with that and were delighted when it turned out to be "only" 20%.

Also if you ever get to New Orleans, please go to the D-Day museum there. Why is it there? Because they made the landing crafts there.

Jay and I spent 6 hours there in December and had to tear ourselves away to go to the bowl game. I want to go back and continue where I left off.

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