Monday, June 28, 2004

Day two

The kids swam most of the morning. Generally the adults took turns watching them. The non-watchers got to talk.

In the afternoon, we left to go to the zoo in Hattiesburg. On the way it started to rain heavily, so instead of going to the zoo we went to a place with homemade ice cream. Then I bought some lemon verbena scent and tried to pay for the ice cream. Another clerk said that someone else had paid for seven ice creams. It turned out to be Ken. so I paid for the scent and then left it at the counter. When I retrieved it, I commented to the clerk that they could really make a profit by charging twice for ice cream and then charging for merchandise but not relinquishing the item.

When we got to the zoo, we found out they close at 4:30. The kids were very disappointed because the zoo has a new jaguar. They were disappointed even though they have yearly passes to the Nashville zoo and go often.

Back to the house and back to the pool.

Day 3

The main order of the day was going to the reunion at sister-in-law Sue's.

The morning was spent swimming then we left for lunch at the reunion. Jay had gone to the store for something when we left. Carolyn wanted Jay to go the reunion; he didn't want to go. We all, including Carolyn, left in the Rucker's van. Carolyn left a note for Jay saying he didn't have to show up, so we were all surprised when he did come.

Sue has a lovely home, with a huge back porch overlooking a lake. About 70 people were there and I did not know a large proportion of them.

I talked to sister-in-law Bebie. She has Alzheimer's but seems to be doing well, but she is much, much quieter. I talked to her about the times she used to take all the little girls skinny-dipping. My girls loved that and love Aunt Bebie. She said to tell Beth she still skinny-dips in her pool.

Niece Patricia had some good news. She has had more on her plate than it would seem anyone could bear. Her father, husband, and daughter have been fighting life-threatening illnesses. Her father, the beloved Nelson, died last year. Her husband has colon cancer but seems to be doing well.

Her daughter Renee had a brain tumor. It is in remission but she needs a lot of rest and takes about 30 pills a day. She has three children, a boy about 6 and twin girls who are three.

Patricia said she decided she would take the children with her on Tuesday (they live two hours apart) and return them to Renee on Saturday so Renee could rest. She did that one time and when she got to Renee's on Saturday said "Now we go to plan B."

Deana and John are in Indonesia visiting Natalie and her family so weren't at the reunion.

The food and fellowship were great.

Back at the Mason's, we had fried catfish for supper. Adam surprisingly ate the catfish. Back in Nashville, Ken tried to buy some catfish in the supermarket but Adam said it was not like Papa Jay's. I think they will buy some catfish and not let him see it until it is cooked.

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