Thursday, April 15, 2004


Tuesday morning after I woke up I went over to the TV and picked up a glass to take to the kitchen. This is by the two windows there in the corner.

The light coming through was very bright. I thought to myself that it looked like snow outside. But that could not be true. It is the middle of April.

Nevertheless I poked my fingers through the blinds, lifted, and saw snow. When I went to the living room, I could see out the big window that the ground was covered with snow and snow was still falling. Falling in big wet clumps. The temperature was in the middle thirties.

The forecasters had not predicted this but, sure enough, there it was, the latest snowfall ever. Later the meteorologists said if the ground had been frozen we would have had twelve inches!

By late afternoon the snow was gone but Wednesday afternoon when I went to Lexington to pick up my tax returns I saw snow on the north slopes of ditches.

I am left with a reminder of the snow when I look in my yard and see how the weight of the wet snow crushed the foliage of the daffidils, flat on the ground.

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